Podcast Recommendation

I like finding places where people who disagree are having amicable discussions about their disagreement. It gives me hope that that kind of thing can happen in the Church more often.

One thing I’ve stumbled upon, and have added to my long list of podcasts that I keep up with, is A Christian and an Atheist. It is a discussion podcast involving two eponymous friends, and I’ve enjoyed listening to it in the background of other things so far.

They also maintain a forum for their listeners. I haven’t checked it out yet, but it might be interesting for those of you who like to discuss things.


I’m really impressed with this podcast so far, and I highly recommend episode 22, on homosexuality, and episode 35, which is a conversation between a pastor and the atheist of the duo about the meaning of life. Really good stuff if you have the time and inclination to listen.

2 thoughts on “Podcast Recommendation

  1. Cool! Cool! Cool! I’ve just downloaded the first three shows and will listen to them with great interest.Where do you find out so much cool stuff? Do you just stumble across it, have others tell you about it, go looking for it, or a combination of all three?In Christ,Mark


  2. Mostly I just go looking, actually. In this case, I found some directories of religion podcasts and then scrolled through the descriptions (there are a lot of them) until I found something interesting. A lot of them are sermons and worship services from various churches, but I’m more interested in discussion stuff at this juncture.


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