3 thoughts on “Dragonlance vs. D&D Film Battle!

  1. Yeah…as hokey as the animated film was, it was at leat somewhat accurate (if massively abridged). There is potential there, hopefully it will improve with the next volume.

    On the other hand, the movie, and it's lackluster sequel were terrible. It was as if they paid a group of circus clown to write it. Then had a blind man edit it. Such wasted potential.


  2. Thanks for the comment Donny. I think what hit me about the Dragonlance movie was the disappointment. Some part of me that was still 12 years old died when I saw that atrocity of a film.

    But you're right, the Dungeons and Dragons films were unbelievably bad as well.


  3. lol…I hear that. My 7 year old daughter liked it, but to her, it was just another cartoon.

    They need to find an established director, secure an actual budget, and do something different – I've always seen the beowulf style of live action/CGI overlay as the way to go.

    I mean C'mon! This game has some of the richest fluff around!


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