Russia, Bush, Obama, McCain

What the Russian invasion of Georgia shows us, in stark colors once again, is the complete lack of integrity in the Bush administration. We learn, once again, that all of the high talk about freedom and liberty and democracy and defending our allies falls apart completely when we’re not bombing a third world nation or, in the case of Afghanistan, a pile of rubble still smoldering from previous invasions. When it comes down to it, is neo-conservatism anything more than a bunch of empty words and excuses? Where’s the freedom fairy-dust now, Bush? When a serious military contender stomps on a “beacon of liberty” like Georgia, where’s the saber-rattling?

Oh, and don’t forget the forged documents. Lying is like a religion for these people as far as I can tell.

In short, the Bush administration is utterly and completely hypocritical. They do not stand, in any meaningful way, for anything they say they stand for – not for fiscal conservatism, not for freedom and liberty, not for peace, not for genuine capitalism (hint – multibillion-dollar bail-outs of failed companies isn’t capitalism). They’re not even forthright, courageous warmongers. Like any bully, they are easily cowed by anyone who poses a real threat.

In other news, I watched some of the conversations that Obama and McCain had with Rick Warren. I realized that I’m not excited about either one of them, but I can’t imagine anything that would lead me to vote for a Republican for president right now. The most important thing, for me, is washing the acrid taste of the bilious Bush administration out of my mouth as quickly as possible. Maybe, maybe, we can undo some of the damage they’ve done. Our grandchildren will have to pay for it, but maybe we can make an honest start at putting this country back together.

Right now, any mammal that has a pulse and isn’t a Republican has my vote. My apologies to the actual conservatives out there – you must be pretty frustrated with Bush too. Maybe you should vote Libertarian or something. The best hope for fiscal conservatism remains the Democratic party, which has been the case for almost 20 years now, and would be funny if my teeth stopped grinding.

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