A New Chapter

Tomorrow morning, earlier than I’d like, I start my new position in a year-long CPE program at a hospital in downtown SF.  When discipline breaks and I let myself think about it, I realize I’m pretty nervous about the whole venture.  Its a step up for me in a lot of ways, into a situation where I don’t have any background or familiarity – which is one of the things that makes it different from taking over for the senior pastor during my internship when he went on sabbatical.  

I hope I like it and I hope I do well.  We’ll see.  If not, this’ll be a long damn  year.
I might continue blogging in some way about theology.  I’ll still be visible now and then as a commenter on other people’s blogs when I feel like I have something to say and a bit of rapport with the blogger.
But the stage of my life, my journey as it were, that this blog was intended to help me move through is mostly over now.  I’m not going to be a student again for a very long time – possibly never again.  I’ve learned a lot in the past three years, and have also experienced anxiety that I would not have believed going into it.
Maybe that’s just what life is.  I’m still somewhat young, so that could be, and I might have just been learning.  We’ll see.
If this blog is on Google Reader or another of your aggregators, there’s no reason to delete it.  I won’t be doing that, and I might even post again – I’ve got about a dozen zygotes of posts from, in some cases, a long time ago.  They might see the light of day.
I’ll definitely be putting more time and work into Escape, which at this point will become my ‘main’ blog.  We’ll see how that goes.  I get a lot more hits on that blog, but a lot fewer comments.  Maybe I can fix that.
Feel free to contact me directly (my email is on my profile) if you have something to say, or leave it a comment on this post if you want others to read it.
Take care.

9 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. I want to wish you God’s grace in your new venture. I don’t think I’ve commented, but I’ve enjoyed your blog tremendously. I loved CPE this past summer and a year’s residency is a definite possibility for me down the road. I hope you have an incredibly rewarding year.


  2. Best wishes on your CPE, Doug! I just ventured over here to tell you that I really liked your answers to the three questions on Craig’s blog (John Shuck Made Me Do This) and now I see that you’re having a big change in your life. I also see that you’re the same age as my daughter Mary, who is Karson Shadley’s girlfriend. (By the way, I just found out that Mary designed the cover for Karl’s book.)Anyway, just wanted you to know that I liked what you wrote over on Craig’s blog.Debbie Berkley


  3. Thanks Debbie. I can see from my first day that I’ll be spending more time tired and less time blogging, so I think that the ‘spindown’ was a good idea. But I’ll still haunt the comment threads of a few blogs. I’m glad you liked what I put up there.


  4. Doug,I also appreciated your response on my blog. I join with everyone in wishing you well on this new chapter in your life. I also look forward to future posts/blogs/responses from you.


  5. My sincere best wishes on your CPE Residency. I had to do one prior to ordination. Some of the experiences really scared the crap out of me at first … but I survived and learned something. So will you.


  6. For me, the first time I dealt with a death was really something … I did NOT want to be there and I did not want to go through the (@*&$&* residency, and I cursed my CPM for getting me into that situation.Eventually I must have been present at 100 deaths by the end of my Residency. I wouldn't say it ever gets “easy,” but it was manageable. Not to freak you out or anything, but one of our duties was to prepare bodies for viewing by their families in the hospital chapel. If you do that a number of times, well … at least I haven't been uncomfortable around dead bodies since then … a good thing given the number of funerals I do.


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