Nine Eleven

In honor of another anniversary of that attack that has so defined us since, in every wrong way and in very occasional right ways, I offer this email that I was sent

My Dear Friends,

I apologize for the mass emailing, but I felt moved to do so on this particular day.

I remember 7 years ago, it was a clear and sunny day and not like the cloudy morning we have. It was an ordinary fall day without any ominous signs. It was this day that there was so much loss and destruction and horror. Four of my friends passed away in the two towers that fell that day. There was so much anger and hurt in the people who lost loved ones as well as those who survived and witnessed it. I believe we still suffer from it to this very day. I still smell smoke when I think of that day.

People were blaming and pointing fingers at the Persians and Arabs and imprisoning them for no reason. People saying God bless America and singing it in our churches. Yet my friends and I, who gathered every night to suffer together and make sure we were doing well, searched for Jesus in the midst of all this. Where was the Christ-like answer? Why only God bless America and not the World?? We were still unable to weep. Only until we heard Thick Nhat Hanh at the Riverside Church did we hear Christ. He said to give love in return for the violence and to end the cycle of violence. We all wept that night, and it was the beginning of many nights of weeping for us.

I hope that such tragedy will never happen again anywhere in the world. You have my prayers of love and support on this day. Thank you for allowing me your time to share my thoughts and experiences.

God bless us all, God bless the world, God give us peace.

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