Roleplaying for the Uninitiated a’la Fear the Boot

I don’t know if you, gentle reader (if you’re still with me that is) also listen to Fear the Boot, but I want to point out a project that the Fear the Boot podcast crew is producing. The project is basically a multi-part introduction to roleplaying games intended for someone who has no idea what they are but is curious about them.

This is a way to answer the ancient and troublesome question – “So, what is a roleplaying game?” Its a question that gets a lot of inadequate answers, I think. It is a complicated question. It’s like “What is football?” You can give a bare-bones answer pretty quick, but that quick answer won’t be adequate to play the game or understand it when you watch it on Sunday night or whatever.

The intent behind the series is to make it possible to burn them to a CD and hand it to someone to play in their car during their commute or whatever. I’m thinking that it might actually be fruitful to put the CDs out at the game store where I work for when people ask me “So, what is this D&D thing?” or some similar question.

Anyway, its something to keep in mind. Lots of us who are gamers have family or friends who don’t understand our weird little hobby. It might be helpful to slide them these tracks and tell them to give a listen. I’ve actually got a couple family members in mind myself…

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