Another Ending

My good friends Aric and Stacia left last night.

I was pretty emotional – everyone was pretty emotional. I knew how sad I was about it, so I didn’t say that much. I’m not much of the public-crying type, and part of me was thinking “This is hard enough already”, a thought that my CPE supervisor would certainly question, but I had it nontheless.

When I first “met” Aric it was over email. He had sent out an email to the other arriving studends at SFTS, and had mentioned that he was a gamer. I had already thought that coming to seminary would be the end of my favorite hobby since I was about 11 – playing roleplaying games with my friends. I was excited that he shared the hobby, and we met and talked for a bit of an evening before orientation had really gotten underway.

Since, he’s been one of my two closest friends throughout seminary. I don’t mean to leave out Stacia here either – but going through seminary does forge a particular kind of bond it seems. Maybe a modified type of Stockholm Syndrome.

Aric is, in the words of Lyndon Johnson I believe, “splendid in every way”. That is of course hyperbole, just as it was when Johnson used those words. But…well, my experience of seminary was positive primarily because of the wonderful people I met, and Aric is at the core of those wonderful people I think of when I say that.

I got to know Stacia very well too (she is also a gamer, and therefore also splendid), and I watched one of their children grow from teeny critter to a smart, energetic toddler, and their younger child from microscopic to curious and expressive yearling.

I am so happy that I met them all, and so happy that I got to know them, and very sad that they have left. I know we’ll keep up our relationships, and I tried not to say “goodbye” in so many words, but a goodbye happened all the same.

I will miss them. God bless them in their transition.

(And it doesn’t help that this first night after they leave, I’m on call.)

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