I saw the film Religulous a few nights ago. I don’t have time for a long post, but I can break the film down pretty easily.

The first 80% is pretty funny, Bill Maher being Bill Maher, meeting various kinds of religious people and having conversations where it is clear no one understands each other. But is actually genuinely hilarious.

At this point, leave the theater.

Because the last 20% is a long-winded sermon from Maher, a bunch of warmed-over New Atheist crap, where, in constrast to everything that has happened in the film so far, he claims that religion will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Seriously – he has dramatic scary music playing and mushroom cloud after mushroom cloud in the background.

Its incredible hypocrisy – half of the conversations he had in the film were actually pretty amicable, and the head of the Vatican Observatory genuinely shut him down entirely. You can literally seem him thinking “Damn, I accidentally let myself talk to an intelligent, reasonable Christian. Back to the drawing board.”

Look, Atheists – I totally respect where you’re at. But you put out a film like this, and I realize – there’s no reason to assume you’re any more intelligent or reasonable than Fred Phelps or Pat Robertson – that you have your idiot windbags too, just waiting to disgorge a long sermon about the evils of every position but their own.

At the end, Pam turned to me and asked, “Can I have my money back?” I couldn’t blame her.

2 thoughts on “Religulous

  1. Well I tell you what. You stop pushing your propaganda on us and we will stop pushing it on you. The simple fact is, we get harassed much more than you will ever get harassed. This movie easily offends the religious because they are hardly challenged. Most people avoid the hot button because there is no such thing as civil discourse with a religious person. They will talk your ear off, then freak out on you when you disagree. Then become violently pushy about our difference of opinion. Any simple disagreement sets them off. I figure you lost the point at the end. Its quite simple, let me sum it up for you if you dont mind.We are on the brink of a self-fulfilling prophecy that we are about to do without God’s help. A lot has to do with religion. The muslims are building a strong hatred for our presence in the middle east because of religious reasons. Us “infidels” have bombed the living shit out of a country that wasnt part of 9/11. Osama attacked us because we had troops in the holy land. It drove him nuts and therefore he took action. A great example of religion bringing out the insanity of what could be a smart man.And do not think christianity is a peaceful religion either. Our great christian leader, George Bush got us thrown into this mess in the first place. His religious views have skewed our founding fathers division of church and state. Christianity has caused many deaths in the name of God. Religion needs to be taken at face value and carefully reevaluated. It tends to bring people on the brink of insanity when other people challenge, disagree or resist it.We have no problem with religion. But the truth is, there is a huge dark side to all religions. We must all take part in being responsible in eliminating the evils of religion and power. Religion should not be in our government, because that is how you get Iran. Religion should not be the reason we kill another. Religion should not be the reason to hurt innocents or violently call gay people fags. And dont forget, we are just as bad as the muslims. We kill innocents too, and sometimes religion influences such decisions.In the end, we believe that religion can never bring peace as long as everyone violently clings to the fact that their side is right and everyone is evil and should be killed! Our american mentality already shows bloodshed towards the evils of islam. But what we need to seperate is not blame all muslims but blame the terrorists that have wronged us. Generalizing all muslims are evil is like generalizing all americans are stupid. It simply is not true.I wish you peace, brother.


  2. Hi Anonymous, thanks for the comment.Actually, I didn’t lose the point at the end of Religulous, I just thought it was made in an overbearing, assinine way. Frankly, you made Maher’s points better than he did in his own movie.And I think if you read more of my blog, you’ll find that I basically agree with you, so you’re preaching to the choir here my friend.I do think that perhaps you’re lumping me in with a broad generalization you have about religious people – if you interact with me more, you might find that I’m pretty open to being challenged, and I enjoy disagreement – it tells me we’re both alive and thinking.In brief – my problem was somewhat with the over-bearing generalizations made in Religulous, partly with the hypocrisy of Bill Maher based on the conversations and interactions he had, but mostly with the abysmally poor way that the ending was handled.I don’t think a 10 minute diatribe of unsubstantiated claims with mushroom clouds going off in the background is a good way to convince anyone of anything, and it left me with the strong desire for my $10.25 to be refunded.I wish you peace as well, and again, thanks for the comment. Feel free to snoop around and see what my special brand of religious foolishness looks like 🙂


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