The Podgecast and My FLGS Make Sweet Love

And their baby is due December 6th. Right now they’re calling it One-Shotter Day, but I think they’ll pick a better name when the due date is closer. I mean, come on. One-Shotter Day? That’ll get your ass kicked on the playground, no question.

So, first, the Podgecast. It is an awesome gaming podcast that I always enjoy listening to. If you like Fear the Boot, the Podgecast will have some familiar voices, and it is a better podcast in every way. I mean that as someone who still listens to Fear the Boot as well (though if I had a shorter commute and had to choose, the Podge would win hands down). It is funny, interesting, and for the most part avoids the rambling that many long-form podcasts just fall into. When they do ramble, it is usually either funny, or the person is made fun of, and either way, the listener wins.

Second, my FLGS, Gamescape North. I really enjoyed working there, and still sort of do, doing things like their next IPR order and so on, but the chaplain position has devoured my time such that I can’t have more than one job anymore. Which frankly feels weird, since I’ve had more than one job for years now. But, anyway, its a great store, and if you live in northern california near San Francisco, you should check it out.

It isn’t often that two awesome things get together and invite me to come along. So this is cool. Usually when awesome things are happening, I’m here in my living room writing in a blog or something geeky like that. So I’m a happy guy, and if you’re in our area on the 6th, come by and check it out.

Podgecast and Gamescape North – keep up the good work fellas.

One thought on “The Podgecast and My FLGS Make Sweet Love

  1. Going back through previous posts, I found this, and still think it's funny that I'm the one who came up with V3 as the new name for One-Shotter Day. Also funny that I did so based on a mis-use of the Latin word for “game”, which is actually “ludus”. But V3 is still a hell of an improvement.


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