Snowflake Step Three: Sister Grey Sky

I stopped pasting the instructions for the Snowflake Method in each post, but here are the rest of the posts for your reference…

Sister Grey Sky

Summary: Sister Grey Sky is the grim woman who is charged with finding orphaned children who will be molded into killers for the empire.

Motivation: Sister Grey Sky believes she is a monster out of necessity – that the empire is full of bitter enemies who threaten peace and order, and that extreme measures must be taken so that others can sleep safely.

Goal: Sister Grey Sky’s goal is to follow Master Iron as the head instructor of young assassins. She believes she could do a better job, that his passion gets in the way of his reason and discipline.

Conflict: Despite herself, Sister Grey Sky finds that she likes Orchid. The little orphan girl is tough, brave and smart – there is just something about her that stands out among the other orphans SGS has seen so far in her life.

Epiphany: It starts when Orchid is killed by Master Iron. It ends when Master Iron is killed, and Sister Grey Sky becomes Mistress Grey Sky. She realizes that all they are doing is creating monsters and destroying children. Her epiphany is the hope in the story that this situation might change someday.
Storyline Paragraph: Sister Grey Sky begins and ends the story. She is the first character introduced, when she comes to the orphanage where she finds Glimmer and Orchid and Turtle and the next batch of assassins-to-be. She is looking for healthy, strong and hesitates with Glimmer because he is a runt and something about him bothers her. She chooses him at last, however, thinking that Master Iron can use him as an object lesson. She is struck by Orchid, and follows her progress with pride until she is killed. By the time the gets the nerve to confront Master Iron, she’s the one that finds him dead. She cleans up the mess and assumes his position at the school.

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