Snowflake Step Three: Glimmer

I stopped pasting the instructions for the Snowflake Method in each post, but here are the rest of the posts for your reference…


Summary: Glimmer is the main character of the story, an orphan made into an assassin who kills the cruel man who made him who he is.

Motivation: Glimmer is motivated by an intense fear of death – it is this that drives him to be very dangerous, and which also makes him a sub-par assassin in the eyes of Master Iron.

Goal: Glimmer’s goal changes over the course of the story. First, it is simply to survive the brutality of his training. Then, it is to forumlate a plan to escape with Orchid. Finally, it is to kill Master Iron regardless of the risk to himself. Behind it is always the choice to live at any cost.

Conflict: From the first night of his training, Glimmer’s conflict is with Master Iron. The two of them are two poles of the story, and I want to foreshadow from the beginning that one of them has to go down. I’d also like to present the conflicts that result in Glimmer’s empathy withering. He finds that he has opportunities to help others, but feels that it might threaten his own survival, and so he chooses to do nothing. This is important because later in his story, I want him to have a strong moral sense that he’s just been ignoring.

Epiphany: First, Glimmer thinks that he can just survive the training and do what Master Iron wants. He realizes that he can never get out, that he’s just being used, or perhaps that he hates what he is becoming, so he tries to escape. His epiphany is that no matter what, he can never leave while Master Iron is still alive. He sees that as his only real hope for escape.

Storyline Paragraph: Glimmer is purchased by Sister Grey Sky from an orphanage in one of the large cities of the Empire and is shipped off to the assassin school. He is dragged out of the cart, unhooded, and immediately is chosen as the first one to pick on because he is small for his age and looks frightened. Despite himself, a friendship grows with Orchid, who is a little better than him at everything, including acting out of her empathy for others. The two of them use the cover of their last test to escape their training entirely, and she is killed by Master Iron. Glimmer leaves the story after he has taken revenge on Master Iron.

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One thought on “Snowflake Step Three: Glimmer

  1. That is an awesome story!!!!!!!!

    Though I think it can use a twist at the end there. I got to thinking and this is the best one i came up with.

    Since you probably cast the characters as orphans so that they have no family bonds to tie them back (or so the school thinks), but what if Glimmer's father is alive… and happens to be Master Iron?

    Yeah yeah silly Star Wars moment comes to mind, but if you think about it seriously, Glimmer would be that much deeper into darkness, having killed not only his love but also his only family. That'll also give Master Iron's epiphany that extra edge. Exactly how/when each side finds out and what they do about it is up in the air for me. Too many slick ways to spin that.

    P.S. Please don't make Orchid his sister!


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