Snowflake Part Three: Orchid

Here’s a link to the whole series so far in case you were wondering…


Summary: Orchid is the moral center of the story, the bright light who is snuffed out.

Motivation: Orchid is motivated by the same thing that motivates the other orphans – a fear of death and a desire to get out of their training intact. She ends up doing small things to help the other orphans, however, and is marred, in the eyes of Master Iron, by compassion.

Goal: Orchid’s goal is to survive the situation intact until she can find some way to escape. She makers her plan with Glimmer, seeing that he is another ‘gifted’ orphan.

Conflict: Orchid’s conflicts might need to be internal. She wants to help the weaker orphans, but is afraid of Master Iron like any of them. Ultimately, she’s only a kid – a strong, sensitive kid, but a kid nontheless. An interesting hard choice could be between Turtle and Glimmer – maybe she can only arrange for one of them to be with her. She knows that Turtle is less likely to survive the training to the end, but Glimmer will be more useful in the actual escape attempt.

Epiphany: Orchid’s epiphany is the darkest one in the story. She has the realization of who she is and who Glimmer is, at heart, but it is too late.

Storyline Paragraph: Orchid is purchased directly from her parents by Sister Grey Sky. Her parents are a disgraced noble family who are forced to sell their youngest daughter to the Emperor – or at least to his assassin school. Orchid’s family split over joining the rebellion of Prince Akko (this is another part of the story happening elsewhere in the setting), and she might be worth a great deal because of her possible supernatural origin. Regardless, Orchid is, compared to the other orphans, both strong and benevolent in the small ways she can manage. This makes her a target, but Master Iron is aware of the rumor that she is favored by members of the court, who expect big things from her. The turn in Glimmer’s life comes when she is killed, and it should be as disturbing a scene as I can manage.

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