Pathfinder RPG: First Impressions

At 575 pages, this book is a heavyweight in the RPG world. Not quite Ptolus heavy, but a runner-up, up there with Hero, and potentially just as able to stop a bullet.

From the get-go, it’s worth noting that Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG is D&D 3.5 with some changes. If you didn’t like 3.x, you won’t like Pathfinder. If you liked 3.x, then Pathfinder is better in pretty much every way.

Layout and design for the book is pleasing but also simple. There’s probably art on every 3rd-4th page, and it is the beautiful, evocative artwork that I associate with Pathfinder.

The chapters are as follows:
Getting Started
Additional Rules
Prestige Classes
Creating NPCs
Magic Items
Followed by Appendices 1-4

As you can see, this book covers the territory of the original PHb and DMG together, making the price-tag ($50) actually pretty reasonable.

Next, I’ll be delving into this heavy tome, focusing on races and classes, then feats and skills, followed by combat and prestige classes, then magic and magic items, and finally some closing thoughts. So an Pathfinder-stravaganza. Before you bother to read all of that, though, I want to reiterate – if you like 3.x D&D, get this game. You will like this better, and I have a feeling that Paizo will stick with this for a long time yet before they try any Pathfinder 2.0 crap 🙂

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