An Idea for Epic

As is often the case, when I laid down and actually tried to sleep, I had an idea instead. I thought – why not post it to the blog so I don’t forget?

This is way back with Epic, which I haven’t posted about for a long time.

The idea is for the static attributes – Endurance, Perception, Memory, Appeal and Will – to be basically check-boxes that the player can call upon once per story arc. So for each point of Endurance, there is a check box, and at any time during a story arc the player can check a box to have something happen for her character. Instead of points to keep track of, these are a lot simpler. For example: Endurance could be used to shrug off a wound, Perception to notice a clue, Memory to answer a question, Appeal to get attention or take the initiative socially and Will to resist an outside influence.

Something like that. I like the simplicity of the system – the main challenge would be, with attributes rated 1 to 10 with 4-5 as average, that it would be hard to use all of the check boxes in a single story arc. Needs a lot more thought, but hey, it’s just the idea that kept me awake (which doesn’t take much)

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