Changeling the Lost House Rules

In planning on running a Changeling the Lost one-shot, I’ve come up with some house rules which I think enhance the game and also simplify it somewhat. What Changeling the Lost has is a lot of great fluff and atmosphere and color. What it lacks is a coherent system, seeming as if each power and special ability was designed by someone who only had cursory contact with the other designers. This is my little attempt to not only add some flavor but also to change some of that.

First I wanted to change how Virtues work in Changeling. It makes sense to me that Changeling Virtues and Vices would be a little different from the Thomistic ones presented in the base system.

Love/Romance: for the most part, romantic love (Love is everything)
Joy: pleasure and happiness for their own sake or for others (Follow your bliss)
Honor: filial piety, fealty (Honor is life)
Wisdom: seeking knowledge, teaching, learning (Mind is sharper than steel)
Balance: peacemaking, something like temperance (All things in measure)
Hope: inspiring others, defying despair (After darkness, the dawn)
Courage: self-sacrifice (Never surrender)

Hatred: (Destroy your enemies)
Pettyness: squabbling without a larger goal (Accept no disrespect)
Lust: (Take your pleasure)
Gluttony: (There is always more)
Sloth/Banality: (Let others risk)
Arrogance: (Humility is weakness)
Despair: (Hope is a lie)

Next I changed the blessing and curse for each Seeming

Seeming’s Blessing and Seeming’s Curse are both handled differently. Each Blessing has a constant effect that is usually a roll-again. The player can invoke their Curse against themselves at one critical moment to gain one extra Glamour per session. They can invoke their Blessing once per session at the cost of one Glamour.
Beast: 9 on Wits; spend Glamour to speak to animals for a scene; gain Glamour when instinctual urges impose a dice-penalty (equal to Wyrd)
Darkling: 9 again on Manipulation rolls; spend Glamour to manipulate shadows for a scene; gain Glamour when bright light enforces a dice-penalty for a scene
Elemental: shrug off one attack per session; spend Glamour for Wyrd in bonus Health for one scene; gain Glamour when penalized trying to socialize
Fairest: 9 again on Presence; spend Glamour to charm one target for a scene; gain Glamour when their Clarity falls and -1 dice to Clarity pool
Ogre: 9 again for Strength rolls; spend Glamour to double Strength for one roll; Glamour for penalty to Intelligence/Mental skills for a scene
Wizened: 9 again on Dexterity rolls; spend Glamour improvise a device or tool for one scene; Glamour for times when equipment malfunctions around you and imposes a dice penalty for a scene

Kith’s Blessing
To call on these, you call upon your Kith and drop your Mein for a scene. You hope that the Wyrd takes care of people who might see you.
Broadback: ignore ‘encumbrance’, lift and carry much more than usual
Hunterheart: unarmed lethal
Runnerswift: +2 Speed, +3 to Athletics rolls for pure speed
Skitterskulk: Dodge to triple defense rather than double it
Steepscrambler: +3 to climb and can try to climb anything
Swimmerskin: hold breath for 30 minutes and swim at normal move speed
Venombite: once per session, make an unarmed attack. If it hits, the target is poisoned
Windwing: spend Glamour to glide, take falling damage every 15 yards instead of 5

Antiquarian: 9 again for Academics and Investigation
Gravewright: Changeling can see ghosts for one scene
Leechfinger: drain one lethal to heal one bashing or lethal or downgrade one agg per session
Mirrorskin: +3 to Wits + Subterfuge disguise attempts, can mimic anyone s/he has met
Tunnelgrub: can fit through spaces others couldn’t and roll Dex + Athletics to get out of bonds

Airtouched: add Wyrd to Initiative
Earthbones: add Wyrd to Strength out of combat for a scene
Fireheart: 9 again for Wits for one scene
Manikin: learn Contracts of Artifice as favored, Craft without penalty untrained
Snowtouched: 9 again on Intimidation and Subterfuge for a scene
Waterborn: breathe water for one scene (and not! air)
Woodblood: 9 again for Stealth and Survival outdoors with growing things

Bright One: light for a scene, can be brightened to impose -2 penalties (-4 to Darklings) for any targeting the Fairest for a scene
Dancer: 9 again for Expression and Socialize using dance and +1 when dodging
Draconic: one extra Health that functions like armor
Flowering: 8 again on Persuasion and Socialize
Muse: grant +2 for a scene to Craft, Expression, Persuasion, Socialize, Subterfuge

Cyclopean: have one handicapped sense but gets 9 again on Wits perception rolls
Farwalker: 9 again on Stealth and Survival to travel and get around
Gargantuan: add Wyrd to Size for one scene, granting temporary Health and bonuses for contested Strength
Gristlegrinder: bite for +2 lethal after a grapple
Stonebones: Wyrd as armor for one scene, subtracted from Dexterity rolls
Water-Dweller: hold breath for 30 minutes, no perception penalties for seeing underwater

Artist: 8 again on Crafts
Brewer: ferment a brew of Glamour in order to store it for later use – brews up to Wyrd score at any one time
Chatelaine: 9 again when depending on proper etiquette
Chirurgeon: 9 again on Medicine, can improvise medical tools
Oracle: once per chapter, can fortell one event
Smith: tinker with a tool to get a +1 equipment bonus from it for a day
Soldier: 9 again on Weaponry
Woodwalker: 8 again on Survival, can eat poisonous plants

Mantle functions differently:
Blessing of the Green: Gain extra Glamour when harvesting
Challenge of the Black Spear: Gain Glamour for defeating an opponent
Harvest of Whispers: Gain Glamour from things learned during a session
Feast of Ashes: Glamour to Willpower
–>all limited by Mantle level per session

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