Origins 2010 Day 1

I’m not there today, which is really unfortunately but to be expected.  My wife still has to work, and we had to find a place for our dog at the last minute, meaning we also had to bring him to the vet to update his shots and whatnot.

I am extremely excited, and I am even more excited because this will be my wife’s first time to attend any gaming convention.

I am not excited about the fact that she has suffered what looks like a meniscus tear, meaning she may need to spend her time moving around the convention in a wheelchair.  That is not fun at all, but it’s a big convention center so it’ll be accessible and everything.  Hell of a bit of timing though.

As far as scheduled stuff:

Tomorrow night I get to play a Cthulhutech adventure.  Friday I am attending a seminar on world building and another on designing an RPG in an hour, both free and both very cool, and both things my wife will also be doing.  Saturday morning I’m starting off with some Free Market with Jared Sorenson, then we’re doing a Krav Maga seminar (I sort of couldn’t resist) and then a self-publishing seminar.

I’ve found that the gaming at a convention can be pretty cool, but gaming with total strangers is going to have a ceiling of fun that is hard to get past.  The free seminars are often really good, however.  The main thing is just wandering around, meeting people whose books I’ve read or whose games I’ve played or whose podcasts I’ve been listening to for years.

The wife:

Tomorrow she gets to play a Ticket to Ride regional qualifier.  Mostly for the fun of it – she’s not that competitive a player really.  Then she’s going to play some GIANT Settlers of Catan on their huge 3D game board (which may or may not look like that picture.  At Kublai Con the giant Shadows Over Camelot table I played at was ten times cooler).  Friday she’s with me for worldbuilding and then she’s going to play some Catan: Seafarers.  Saturday while I’m on the DONUT with Jared, she’ll be playing Catan Histories: Settlers of the Stone Age as well as some GIANT Pompeii. After that, we’ve got Krav Maga and the self-publishing crash course together.

I know this will be fun for me – it was last year and I didn’t have time or money to sign up for much of anything and just mostly wandered around.  I hope it is fun for her.  The meniscus tear is not going to help.

When I’ve got more time, I’ll add links to all the different things I mentioned.

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