Origins 2010 Day 2

(Links to follow when I’ve had some sleep)

Huge, wonderful, exhausting day at Origins 2010.

It started off with standing in line once we finally wended our way to the main exhibit and gaming halls floor.

We spent some time getting ourselves situated, and suddenly found ourselves recruited into a demo of Morton’s List.

I’ll take more time to talk about Morton’s List later.  It’s a really interesting concept – essentially the group, called the Inner Circle, agrees to undertake whatever activity they find in the List (which has 900+ entries).  There is a little bit of culty stuff which the kindly co-designer Nathan showed us (he had a strong smell of incense but didn’t come off as creepy – a relief).  Really, Nathan was kind of like Willy Wonka.

Alas, tragedy ensued:

We drew, as our activity, something broadly related to the Internet, and the teens ended up taking over and shooting/photographing a melodramatic soap opera storyline.  The hormones kind of went crazy and after things got too out of hand for us oldsters we bowed out with lunchtime as an excuse.

Grandma and Grandpa thirtysomething have to have regular meals at our advanced age.

We had a fantastic lunch at the North  Market in Columbus – amazing food all around – and we ended up literally bumping into someone from Wooster we hadn’t seen in ten years.  Hi Nevin!  So that was cool.

Actually, a lot of today I forgot to take pictures of.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Pam took a break to regain energy and I wandered the dealer room, somehow walking right past the Jolly Roger booth without noticing.  In my defense, there are hundreds of booths and thousands of people walking around.  I walked the whole area, taking it in, and will return again for more specific purposes.  Pam and I also got pulled into a demo of Martial Fluxx, which was much more fun than I expected.  The guy next to me was completely losing it with the rules-changes.  He just couldn’t relax, and added to the entertainment value immensely, literally shaking his fists at the sky more than once.

I ended up in two game design seminars with Luke Crane and Jared Sorenson, which was probably the high point of the con for me so far.

Much confusion came in trying to get Pam a ribbon for full access to the ‘Board Room’ where almost all the board games are (Mayfair Games has their own special elite room across the hall).  While she settled in to play (and win!) a regional Ticket to Ride tournament qualifier as well as GIANT Settlers of Catan, I went upstairs to play a session of Cthulhutech.

The session was inaptly named “Everyone Has Secrets”, implying subterfuge and intrigue.  Instead, it was an underwater railroad ride into a buried Deep Ones temple.  Basically, it was four mecha combats separated by reading flavor text and me trying to force some roleplaying into the situation.  My mech was a recon mech, which meant I had the lowest combat skills, dealt the least damage, and had the least armor.  As a result, I goofed around and tried to be tactically helpful, becoming the de-facto leader.  Insofar as one can “win” at roleplaying, the group voted me the winner:

Pam, by far the bigger winner, as I said, won both the tournament qualifier and a game of GIANT Settlers of Catan.  She also got free games:



Now I”m officially both happy and completely blitzed with exhaustion.  Tomorrow is a later start if we want it, and I’ll see if I can get a few more pics to put up.

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