CCT Journal 12: Organizations

One thing that I’ve noticed about this adventure module, possibly because it is an urban campaign, is that it is drenched in organizations and factions. Due to the characters my players have created we even ended up with a few that weren’t written in by the designers. Here is a list:

Military Organizations
Korvosan City Guard
Sable Company Marines
Order of the Nail
Grey Maidens

Religious Organizations
Temple of Abadar
Temple of Asmodeus
Temple of Saranrae
Temple of Pharasma

Secret Evil Organizations
Cult of Urgathoa
Red Mantis
Followers of Zon Kuthon

Korvosa Specific Organizations
Queen’s Physicians
Cerulean Society
Arkona Family
The Acadamae
Eel’s End
Orisini Academy of Fencing
Gaedren Lamm’s Gang
Cow Hammer Boys
Girrigz’ Wererat Army

Varisian & Shoanti Groups
Sczarni Thugs
Kasanda Foxglove’s Family
Skoan Quah
Sklar Quah
Lyrune Quah

Steelheart Dwarven Clan
Various Orc Tribes

I’m sure that list is incomplete. It’s a lot of different groups for the players to keep track of and try to figure out how they are related. The good aspect of this is that the world definitely feels multi-layered and complex. They have been drawn into quite a bit of intrigue. On the down side they also seem to get pulled in so many directions at once it is distracting. I have tried to mitigate this by closely aligning certain NPC’s and organizations with each other so that they are essentially interchangeable in terms of their plot function. You lose a little of the distinctiveness of the different groups, but for sanity’s sake it is necessary. The best thing about this huge array of organizations is that the players really feel like they are having an impact on the world, when their actions shift the power-structure or even bring an end to a particular organization. When an entire criminal ring collapses or a whole tribe changes their attitude toward you it feels epic.

2 thoughts on “CCT Journal 12: Organizations

  1. I've got a similar issue looking at running this GURPS Midnight game in a city called Baden's Bluff. For some reason, it is easier for me to remember and characterize NPCs and organizations that I create than it is to use ones in a module. On the other hand, it's more work to come up with my own. Fortunately, I'm not running a full module, just using a published setting sourcebook.

    But there is definitely a need for balance between all of the elements in a setting and keeping things tight and focused.


  2. NPC's and such I create are usually more lively (to me). But really I just can't help doing it, and so I end up with a players having to take notes to keep everything straight. Oh well. Time to cull I guess. There is a plague going on, after all.


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