Con on the Cob 2010 Day 1

So, today is day 1 of Con on the Cob 2010.  I went in and got my badge and some literature that I’ll take the time to look over when I get a chance.  It’s interesting being at CotC when Origins was my first (and second) gaming convention.  The difference in scale is tremendous.  Right now they’re mostly setting up – there will be a tour led by Andy Hopp at 3pm that I’m going to try to get into, and my bySwarm cohort Mike B is likely to arrive at the Con around that time as well.

The Con itself is at a small conference center in Hudson, OH, which is currently nestled in a tangle of construction and detours that made actually getting there, having never been, a little challenging.  I also seem to be being followed around by cold, diagonal rain.

Today is mostly not about the Con – today is mostly about me relaxing and not having to work.  I need to pick my wife up at 5 from work back in Wooster, so we won’t be there for the festivities tonight.  I’d rather this was not the case, but wife > gaming.  So I’ll probably have time to take the tour with Andy, get some pics of how things look, hopefully say hi to Mike B, and then race home to collect mi mujer.

Here’s the entrance before things get going:

Here’s Andy Hopp welcoming us newcomers.  He’s probably among the top 10 nicest people in the entire world.

And here’s Sean Patrick Fannon, the guest of honor who got the most time on the mic.  I’m hoping to get into a Shaintar game he’s running this year.

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