Con on the Cob 2010 Day 3

Here is our new friend, talented watercolor artist Shoshanna Bauer, doing an art demonstration of her particular technique.  From what I recall, she focused a lot on art-as-process, and had some advice about paints, brushes and the best paper to use for her technique.  Not being an artist, I still learned a bit, and I know my wife was definitely paying attention.  Currently, art or art supplies cover many surfaces in our living room, and things only seem to be escalating.

Busy day, even though we didn’t get in  until around noon.  First thing was that I sat down to a demo of Blitz Jager, which was much more fun than I expected.  It is a spaceship combat game which apparently has a release date in the near future.  I sat down just out of curiosity – and I try to sit in on game demos that I’m invited to because it’s what I would like people to do when I invite them.  Anyway, my wife blew me up in one volley of weapons fire, then the designer crippled my wife’s ship and finally turned to wipe out the other player’s ship – to catastrophic critical hits in one combat, and it was over in about an hour.  Not bad for hitting that “I want to blow up spaceships” nerve – not too complicated at all.

Next I was part of one of the Silvervine Games character creation demos.  Silvervine is a game system that is of the “You can be anything” variety – a GURPS/Hero clone with some differences.  I’d say that it seemed simpler than either, but still very versatile.  That being said, I created a character and it took about two hours, and when I left I was the only player who was done.  Granted, the others were doing things like making intelligent raccoons who pilot mecha and have multiple magical alternate forms.  I thought my libertine ronin Foxblood patron of the arts with the huge Masamune-style sword was complex enough.

Meanwhile, my wife was in an impromptu Castle Falkenstein demo.  She had fun, describing it as a simple, card-based rpg where character creation is just choosing a number of things you are great at, good at and ok at – sounds similar to FUDGE or PDQ, actually.

I went back to the Hell On Wheels Traveling Hobbies people and picked up a copy of The Riddle of Steel, a game I’ve been after for years.  My wife later picked up some jewelry from them, and might get more.  The things that really ignited my geeklust were the old-school D&D boardgames and the old Lord of the Rings Adventure Game as well as The Lord of the Rings the Duel.  They are out of my price range (which is low right now) but, man.  Doug want.

We went out to dinner with new friends and had some delicious Japanese food – delicious except for my ume maki, which was much more sour than I was expecting.  I’ve never had it before, so I’m sure it was made correctly and everything, but I didn’t enjoy it much.

We got back a bit late, and the Pathfinder Society games were already full and humming along.  I decided that I want to put together a Pathfinder Society character.  I’ve never been into organized play, but attending conventions I can definitely see the appeal of just having games I can jump into with a premade character ready to roll, and Pathfinder remains my favorite D&D version.

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