Gaming Geeks Unite! DriveThru RPG Pakistan Flood Relief

It’s the talk of the Interwebs – DriveThru RPG is offering a bundle of PDF products, the sale of which will go to support Doctors Without Borders and the victims of the recent massive Pakistan flood.

Just glancing down the list of products makes it clear that this is an unbelievable amount of gaming goodness for the listed price of $25.  Even if it wasn’t philanthropy, it would be a hell of a deal.

This isn’t just a load of inexpensive peripherals – there are plenty of full games like Contenders, Don’t Rest Your Head, Dragon Warriors, Exalted Second Edition, Fear Itself, Hot War, Icons, Spycraft 2.0, Starblazer Adventures, Time and Temp, Wild Talents 2nd Edition

A total value of $730 altogether.  For $25!

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