Another Star Wars Trilogy?

Honestly, at this point, in light of the load of feces that was the 3 prequel films, I read this news with a strong sense of dread.  However, there is a rumor out there that Lucas out at Skywalker Ranch is working on a series of sequel movies to the original films – episodes 7-9 or even episodes 10-12.  They will purportedly take place 100 to 1000 years after the originals, and will not focus on the Skywalkers.

If George Lucas writes these sequels themselves, I will come out and say right now that they will be complete and utter garbage – one more gobbet of spit in the face of ever Star Wars fan.

On the other hand, maybe he learned his lesson and will hire a talented writing team to put together some well-written scripts, and new classics will be born.

I’m not betting on it, though.  I think that if the rumor is true, he’ll write them himself, and they will be another abomination.

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