GURPS Midnight: Running A Big Fight in GURPS (Aftermath)

Image from Heroes of Battle, WotC

The Post-mortem

This is the follow-up to my post about setting up for a big tactical battle using modified GURPS rules…

In short, the player-characters kicked ass during the mass tactical combat.  They seemed to have fun and to be engaged in placing their various troops, which is cool because I know two of them aren’t usually all that engaged in tactical combats.  They got a kick out of really giving the Orcs a beating.  When the Orcs realized things were going bad, one of the PCs nailed a roll to taunt them into fully attacking, and they were basically pinned down, surrounded, and then rushed by angry villagers who cut them to pieces.

The battle was still significant.  One PC took a javelin in the chest and went down in one hit, as did one of the named NPCs who had been with the PCs since the first session – she almost didn’t recover, in fact.

One of the things I really like about GURPS is that having a javelin thrown at you is like “Oh shit!  A javelin!  I might die!”  Instead of D&D, where you might think “Oh, a javelin, 1d6 plus strength modifier damage.  I can eat ten of these, easy.”

Anyway, overall, it was a complete success.  As always, in high-lethality tactical combat, planning is everything.

It was also pretty efficient.  A full-scale tactical fight, with combat modifiers for footing and cover and everything, was resolved in under 2 hours, with over 100 combatants and 11 different unit types.  That’s quicker than a D&D 4th edition fight can be with a tenth that many participants.

I give the whole experience a B+.  Everyone was engaged, everyone had a thing to do, and the fight was quick and big and bloody.  Good times.

One thought on “GURPS Midnight: Running A Big Fight in GURPS (Aftermath)

  1. Glad to hear is was a success, and entertaining. Yeah, I really do like that GURPS combat is so lethal. It grows tiresome in my Pathfinder campaign having enemies smash you with a perfect hit with their giant battle-axe and… do 8 points of damage – or one tenth of your life. Using Vitality/Wounds helps with this a lot, but it is still plenty ridiculous.


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