Thankless, Obsessive…Obsidian

As anyone who has ever run a roleplaying game knows, it tends to involve a great deal of thankless, semi-obsessive work on the part of the DM or GM or whoever is in the “big chair”.  This is no different in the case of the GURPS Midnight game I continue to run whenever all of us can get together on Saturdays.

I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed using Obsidian Portal for all of this typing and noodling.  The name of our campaign is “Baden Burning” – I am using Under the Shadow as a resource for the game, but taking it in character-driven directions otherwise.  There are also significant changes that have to be made for me to use GURPS for the setting.  It is well worth the work, however; GURPS is profoundly better-suited to a gritty, post-apocalyptic fantasy setting like Midnight than D20 is.

Anyway, for you reading pleasure, I have the link above to the Obsidian Portal wiki pages for Baden Burning.  Anyone else using Obsidian Portal want to share what you’re doing?

4 thoughts on “Thankless, Obsessive…Obsidian

  1. Thanks WoZ, I'll check that out. I'm curious to see how other people use the site.

    Ooh, seas of Golarion. Pathfinder might be next for this group, since I'm already designing for the system, and their Pathfinder Chronicles are all superb, meaning I don't have to put in 10+ hours per session in prep…


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