Parsec Artwork!

So, the artist we have for the Parsec RPG has set up a blog to show us the art he’s working on and to get feedback.  He’s said it’s ok to post the link (as has the publisher), so I’m doing that.

Here it is.

I’m very excited that we’re moving from the very small release in PDF form to putting the game on Kickstarter to go for a full print-run with art and the whole shebang.  More on that later, but seeing more artwork for the game definitely makes this stage more real to me.

I love to see these stages and even to be involved on some level.  I know this isn’t always the case, and I’m enjoying it.

3 thoughts on “Parsec Artwork!

  1. I agree, for a lot of it – though in space, I think, the setting appears at it's most optimistic – the farthest point from the lives of people living in the post-urban wastelands on earth, for example. I think that without a number of artists, it would be hard to hit upon the different tones I was going for. At this stage, I'm thankful to have an artist period.


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