Game Publication Snapshot: Parsec

I have a load of writing projects sitting around in various degrees of completion and neglect, and I’d like to take some opportunities to give snapshots of each project – partly to keep me enthusiastic, partly to tighten my focus for each, and partly to help me decide where to put my priorities.

The first project I need to cover is the Parsec RPG I wrote for Jolly Roger Games.  It was released as a PDF last year, and is currently moving toward a second incarnation as a hardbound book with full artwork.  We have an artist, and some of the art he’s working on for the book can be seen on his blog here.

Right now, the goal is to put Parsec up on Kickstarter to raise the money for a full print-run.  I have no idea how this will go, but I promise that when it goes up on the site, you will hear about it from me constantly.

I’m still happy with Parsec as a setting, a system and a text.  “Industry” people who read it, the ones I’ve heard feedback from anyway, tend to get pretty excited about it.  Our artist is psyched, and there is already a writer who wants to put together a supplement for the setting focusing on Mars.

Right now, progress on Parsec depends on other people almost entirely.  Once it’s up on Kickstarter, it’ll be basically out of my hands (I’ve been helping the publisher figure out levels of support, rewards for various levels, and so on).  Because of that, I’m still excited about it, but there isn’t much I need to do.  As the writer, the contributions I can make are narrowing towards zero…apart from running the game at conventions and talking about it periodically.

2 thoughts on “Game Publication Snapshot: Parsec

  1. Thanks man. It's been good practice in doing the best job I can, and then letting the chips fall where they may. We'll see how Kickstarter goes – maybe I can ask for people to support it on Kickstarter for my birthday or something 🙂


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