Game Design Snapshot: Heroes of Karia

Heroes of Karia Vitalus was a fantastic long-term campaign that I was a player in three years ago.  We ran it using a heavily-modified version of the Tri-Stat Big Eyes Small Mouth system (revised edition) from Guardians of Order – so heavily modified that it was a whole new system.

Since then, I’ve wanted to put this new system together officially, make sure that it is divested if the BESG clinging to it, and publish it.  It’s the classic problem – wanting to make a gaming experience into a game system.

If nothing else, HoKV was an incredible creative engine, leading to the equivalent of over 200 microfictions and short stories set in the world.  We still have those stories in the blog we dedicated to that purpose, but part of me thinks that anything that inspired that much writing and creativity is something that is truly worthwhile.  As a gamer and a writer, I want to share worthwhile things.

Right now, though, HoKV is stalled.  I’ve run four playtests of a version of the system, and the short version is this: the setting is always a big winner with players, and the system models this to some degree.

I had the idea, recently, of making HoKV into a FATE-derivative system.  This might be the direction to go with it, ultimately.  I really like the skeleton of a system that I came up with it (dropping BESG as a skeleton necessitated something new to hang the sub-systems on) but in three years I haven’t significantly ironed it out.  Maybe that’s telling me something, and there are ways that I think we can adapt FATE to run Karia.

One thought on “Game Design Snapshot: Heroes of Karia

  1. I think FATE has potential as a system for this game. Certainly the aspects would cover the different races just fine. The main thing is we'd have to come up with some pretty crazy stunt chains for the Kata Kariana.


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