New Parsec RPG Sketches

Once again, I got to see some new sketches for the game.  Those of you who know where the art blog is for Parsec can check them out.  Otherwise – here are a few samples:

Yes, my friends, that’s a cover mockup.  Not sure the buggy will stay in the final version.

That is a zero-gravity ju-jitsu knife fight.  Zero-gravity because people will fight there, and it will play out differently from fighting in gravity (yes, there are rules for that).  Ju-jitsu because when I imagined the fighting, it would quickly become close-quarters, and once you grab someone in zero-g, the two of you start spinning and jerking around with each push and pull, and something like full guard would help you keep control of an opponent, just like in gravity.  Knives because I don’t imagine lots of discharging firearms in a spaceship, and because I really like an action sequence that results in globs of blood floating around the cabin.

This is an idea we talked out (the publisher, the artist and I did) about a flag-raising image, a take on Iwo Jima, but it is of Silva Energy raising their corporate standard over yet another fallen Latin American nation.  The new world order in the ruins of the old.  Impending privatized dystopia and all that.

There’s more but you’ll have to support the game when we go live on Kickstarter to see it. 🙂

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