Reckoning RPG Comes to Unco11

In a couple days I will be packing up, picking up a stranger, and driving nine hours to New York for UnCo11 (UnConference 2011).  While there I will get to hang out with cool people – among others, I will meet my semi-twin Mick Bradley at long last.  I say semi-twin because we apparently share a great number of interests, a birthday, and a denomination.  We seem similar enough on paper that he thought I was a spam-bot when I first contacted him.  I’m pretty sure I’m not a spam bot.

At least as far as I know.

One thing that we are hoping to do (we being me and Aric) is to run a session of Reckoning at UnCo11 for some people who are gamers and some who have never gamed before.  It occurred to me that I have not really run a playtest for more than two years, and oddly, I’m nervous.  There’s always the nervousness of showing your creative thoughts and work to others – the very real chance that they will be thinking “what a load of crap” while smiling politely and trying to play through.  Maybe that’s the reason I haven’t worked very hard to find a writing group, I dunno.

With any luck, the game will happen and will go well.  Given the mixed group, as well as doubtless mixed sensibilities, and the fact that we’re running a horror game, we had to be careful.  To stay with a religious theme, we’re going to run this session set in and around the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade.  Hopefully we can build up enough moral horror at what was perhaps the greatest crime against humanity in medieval times since I’m not sure how comfortable anyone might be with other kinds of more immediate horror.

It’s the kind of dicey balancing act that could go really well or could just as easily go off the rails and offend someone we don’t want to offend.

I think I’ll bring Mouse Guard just in case.

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