Recent Developments in V20

I’m very excited about the release of Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition – I’ve already ordered my own copy and it’ll be a great early birthday gift when it comes out.  You can see the huge banner above.

I’m also following the open development process, reading and commenting in the few cases where I think I have something smart to say.  Here is some of what has been going on lately:

The Tzimisce Clan document is up, as well as the Gargoyles and Giovanni.  These have been out for a few days, but I was away at UnConference11 and didn’t have time to do much reading while I was getting ready and certainly not while I was there.

I’m currently working on a one-shot to possibly run with friends while on vacation in a couple of weeks.  I actually don’t expect us to have the time, nor for enough people to have the inclination, but it takes my mind off work.

With any luck, when my V20 book arrives in October, I’ll have figured out the basics of keeping a human larva alive and will be able to have some bitey adventures.

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