Well, it’s the 24th of the month, which means I need to post about water issues.  The idea, you see, is that on the 24th of each month, a bunch of people will write blogs and post to facebook and tweet about water issues, and that if we get enough people doing this, we will make a significant ::ahem:: “splash” and possibly foster greater awareness and even action.

It is very early, but I want to briefly talk about Advent Conspiracy.  Advent Conspiracy is a group of people of faith who actually think that the Christmas season should be about helping people who are poor, vulnerable and dying from preventable causes instead of a hysterical orgy of consumerism.  400+ billion dollars are spent each holiday season on…stuff.  What if we took 10% of that and spent it on living, breathing human beings who need access to clean water in order to go on living and breathing?

How many people can be provided with clean water for 40 billion dollars a year?  Damn, I bet it’s a lot.  Why don’t we find out together?

For more information on h2o4all, check out the website for Unco-nditional.  It’ll explain from whence the idea came.  If you tweet, blog or post to Facebook regularly, consider being part of h2o4all.  Check us out on Twitter with the hashtag #h2o4all (but you knew that already, didn’t you?  Smarty.)

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