More on The One Ring – Designer Interviews

I’m playing GenCon catch-up, and am hunting down what information is coming out about the things that I’m interested in, like Burning Wheel Gold and The One Ring.  On, I saw that someone had linked a bunch of designer interviews which can be found on YouTube.  Here is the link to the list.

Here’s what I’m watching right now, a discussion of the tighter focus for The One Ring than in past games.  You won’t be able to play a Rider of Rohan or a Knight of Gondor right off the bat, and I think it may be a good thing, design-wise.  It’s definitely a good move, supplement-wise.  Assuming the game takes off, it’ll probably be a bit like Dark Heresy leading to Rogue Trader – new settings and options released as semi-new games in themselves.

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