Burning Wheel Gold is Up for Purchase

BWG Cover
Yeah, you can buy it now if you weren’t at GenCon.  From what I heard, they burned through the copies they had.  Even with the baby coming, I’m going to buy this.  It’ll give me something to read to take my mind off of baby-related stress at least.
I’m very curious to see what changes they made.  I personally think of Mouse Guard as Burning Wheel with a lot of the problems fixed.  I wonder if the changes they made were to simplify or to add complexity to a game that already has a vast learning curve, or whether they made the idea that you can layer on levels of complexity as you go more explicit (in the BWR text it is there as a suggestion of doing so, but it is possible to pass over it, as I’ve noticed other people who read the game sometimes do).
That being said, BW changed both how I play and how I run games.  BW Gold might do it again – we’ll see.


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