Writing A Sample Scenario for Parsec

Back in the saddle again.
With the layout almost complete for Parsec, we find that we have 7 or 8 pages yet to fill. There will be a couple adds for other games from Jolly Roger Games of course, but it also turns out I’ll be writing up at least one sample scenario for the game.
It’s very odd coming back to something that I basically finished writing almost two years ago now, which has spent a lot of the intervening time in stasis, and trying to write for it.  Possible, but odd.  I know for a fact that my style has changed significantly since I began the project, as have some of my thoughts about games themselves.  I guess I just hope that I can make it so the two years don’t show, and aren’t jarring to the reader.
I’m just going to use one of the playtesting scenarios that I used, called “Stealing the Drake”.  It’s all about this group that is brought together to steal a near-priceless, top-secret FLT drive from the world government.  It’s kind of like Shadowrun, only without magic or Elves, and with zero-G.  The other playtest scenario I ran played with the idea of freedom fighter versus terrorist, and I’m not sure that’s a great one to put in the core book.  
That scenario can come in the “Uncomfortable Moral Ambiguity” supplement – which, now that I think about it, I’d really like to write.

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