Our Larva

Poppy is six months old now, and it seems like maybe a time to write down some observations.  A lot of this is captured in pictures or videos, but maybe these will be things I’ll want to revisit someday.

Early on Poppy was very careful with sounds.  She would coo now and then, and then we would coo back, or praise her, and she would just look at us.  Sometimes she would quietly work her lips for a while, as if about to say something, but she usually didn’t.  She seemed to practice a few times before she tried to make other sounds too.  Now she has mastered a sound she repeats a lot, something like “mwa mwa mwa”.  She also loves noisy raspberries.

I’ve never seen a baby do this, but for the past month or two, when on her tummy, Poppy will put her arms out straight to her sides, like wings on a plane, raise her head, and kick her feet back behind her.  It looks like she expects to take flight as a result of doing this.  She never gets anywhere, but seems to just do this periodically over the course of a day.

Jingle Duck
One of the first times we really connected, Poppy and I, in a specific way, was when we were in Walmart.  I hate Walmart, and she wasn’t too happy with it either.  So I reached down and shook a jingle-duck that she has hanging from the handle of her carrier.  She looked right at me, reached up, and shook the duck in return.  She gave me this very clear look that said “Yeah, dad, I get Jingle Duck.  What’s your point?”  She then did the same thing a few times for me, and once for Pam.

Usually when she sees me, especially when she wants me to pick her up, she does a full-body wiggle, from feet to head, so much that she contorts away from me for a moment.  It is very cool to watch, and is something she has been doing for a few months.

Glowing Rectangular Screens
She loves TV, XBox games, and there is an iPhone app called “Look Baby” that she can actually use herself.

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