We Are Old

So, the plan was to have a nice long marathon game session, 8 hours or so, to finish out the GURPS Midnight campaign that we’ve been playing for well over a year now.

We made it for two and a half hours before everyone was in my living room, draped over the couch on on the recliner.  We mumbled about maybe making some coffee or going for a walk,and then gave up and called it a day. Luckily we will play tomorrow as well, and hopefully actually finish.  As the person running the game, I’ll be really disappointed if we don’t.

One of my friends made the point, and it’s true – we’re old now.  (All of us are in our 30s).  We can’t even game for a whole day anymore (honestly, I could have, but my love for gaming is well over into obsessive territory sometimes).

It’s true, though.  Ten years ago we were doing things like gaming for an entire weekend in the attic of our dorm, breaking only for maybe one sleep and a few meals consisting of pizza and Mountain Dew.  We were tired by Sunday afternoon, but dammit, we did it.  Orcs were slain. Elders were diablerized.  Quests were quested and hope was restored to the world.

Not anymore.

This makes me sad.  I know I’m supposed to be a grownup.  I have a baby now and everything.  But screw that – I want to game.  Except that I, and all of my friends, are aging.

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