The Work Behind the Work

I note the current word-count for the main Dragonblade document on these posts, but there are more words that went into the project before I started on the actual narrative. Here is a look at word-counts from my notes and source-documents:

“Alchemy” 191
“Extended Character Notes” 4,298
“World Building” 6,158
“Dragonblade: Book One: Earth – Notes” 3,246
“Dragonblade Story Document” 7,220

Total Prep: 21,113 words

There they are in the order in which I last updated them in Google Docs. I’m going to need to expand some of them, Alchemy especially, in order to move forward. I tend to expand my notes when I hit a wall in writing, to the point where I know how to move forward, and I need to do that soon. I’m only going to count words from the actual manuscript, though. I can’t let myself treat preparation as the same as actual writing, particularly since the preparation is by far the easiest part for me.

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