I just hit a really weak patch – or at least, one that I realized was weak while writing it. I can see that I’ve sort of set things up to fizzle and not really grab your attention, and what should be a tense out-of-the-frying-pan and into-the-fire scene is already falling flat (and we’re barely out of the frying pan).

So the question is: how to handle this? How do you handle it? Do you grind through, produce a crappy chunk, and move on, to later ‘fix it in post’? Or kind of skip over it, sketch out what should happen in the scene, and move on to something you can do better?

I decided to do the second – I sketched out the points I wanted to hit in the scene, and am going to move on. In my case, it’s too hard looking at that crappy text and just adding to it. It’s like continuing to cook burned food. If nothing else, I need to go back and look at how it went wrong, and figure out whether and how I can fix it. But for me, since I am grinding through a first draft, it is important for me to keep on grinding.

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