Masquerade Disciplines using Requiem/New World of Darkness Rules

I don’t think I’m the only one who likes the dice system that came out with Vampire the Requiem, especially for how it streamlines conflicts of all kinds, but prefers the metaplot and setting of Vampire the Masquerade. Maybe this is because my first World of Darkness game was an awesome Vampire chronicle using the Revised version of Masquerade, but I have kept coming back to it for the past 16 years.

Next weekend I am going to be participating in Geekend, which is basically me and friends from back in college abandoning our families and responsibilities and gaming over MLK Jr. weekend. I’m running a Vampire one-shot, and want to use the familiar Masquerade setting with Requiem rules. Here are my notes for doing just that:

OWoD Disciplines using NWoD dice

  1. +1 to Animal Ken rolls, give complicated commands
  2. Presence + Animal Ken to summon animals of one type
  3. Manipulation + Empathy to cow the Beast; Manipulation + Intimidation to provoke it; 1 bp to activate for a scene
  4. Intelligence + Animal Ken – Defense; 1 success for a scene
  5. Manipulation + Intimidation – Resolve to force a frenzy check. All successes must be cancelled out. If target resists, then the attacker needs to make her own test, requiring only one success

  1. +2 to Wits + Composure when active; 1 lethal from loud noise (like a gunshot)
  2. Intelligence + Empathy to read auras; 1 = alive or undead, 2 = other type, 3 = lie detection
  3. Intelligence + Investigation to use psychometry; 1 = last user, 5 = last scenes
  4. Wits + Empathy – Composure to read minds; 1 piece of information per success
  5. Intelligence + Occult, only requires 1 success for a scene

Spend 1 blood point in a scene. During that scene, your Defense is increased by your Celerity level, as is your Initiative Modifier. + dice equal to Celerity for rolls involving fast, graceful movement (running across rooftops, chases, etc.)

Chimerstry (cheap version)
  1. Spend 1 blood point to create a motionless illusion that affects one sense.
  2. Ditto to create a motionless illusion that affects all senses.
  3. Ditto to add motion to below.
  4. Spend 1 blood and 1 willpower to make the illusion permanent and self-sustaining, until dismissed or proven false. Intelligence + Expression – Resolve.
  5. Spend 1 blood and 1 willpower to imbue your illusions with horrid reality. They are able to deal bashing damage that, at the time, will be felt like lethal or aggravated. Presence + Intimidation – Resolve.

  1. Manipulation + Intimidation – Resolve + Blood Potency difference
  2. Manipulation + Persuasion – Resolve + Blood Potency
  3. Wits + Expression – Composure + Blood Potency
  4. Presence + Intimidation – Resolve + Blood Potency; when successes = Composure + Resolve, you’re done
  5. Intelligence + Empathy – Resolve if resisted; only needs 1 success for a scene. If your vessel is killed, you lose a temporary willpower point and are disoriented for a few minutes.

Spend 1 blood point in a scene (which can be a reaction). You get one extra level of Health for each level of Fortitude. When Fortitude wears off, or you cancel it, the damage from your extra health levels is shrugged off and goes away, even if it is aggravated.

  1. Roll Intelligence + Medicine to determine how hurt someone is, and how they came to be hurt with 5 successes
  2. Spend a blood point and roll Dex + Medicine to make a living creature fall into a deep sleep or let a vampire re-roll to come out of frenzy.
  3. Heal others’ lethal wounds for a blood point per level, and your own or their aggravated wounds for three blood per level.
  4. Spend a willpower. Anyone who wants to come closer than about 10 feet without your permission loses dice equal to your Resolve on all rolls. They must also make a willpower roll, or they are unable to cross the boundary
  5. Spend a willpower and roll Intelligence + Empathy. For each success, you grant one 24 hours free of a derangement. Five successes will cure the derangement permanently for all but Malkavians and others who are irreducibly insane. (The derangement must be bought off with xp, or you can spend a permanent point of willpower otherwise)

  1. +2 to Wits + Stealth vs. Composure + Wits to sneak around; invisible if still. Doesn’t stack with above.
  2. Wits + Stealth, no contest unless target has Auspex or other supernatural ability.
  3. Wits + Socialize, 1 = familiar stranger, 5 = specific and well-known person
  4. Presence + Stealth vs. highest Composure + Resolve
  5. Intelligence + Stealth vs. highest Composure + Resolve, one target invisible per success

  1. +1 to Intimidation and Stealth at all times
  2. Intelligence + Occult, 1 blood point, approx. 1 target affected per success
  3. Wits + Occult, one tentacle per success. Tentacles have Physical 3 + your Brawl and 3 Health, and take double damage from fire and supernatural
  4. Blood point, Resolve + Composure roll. +2 to Intimidation and Stealth, 1 extra attack per turn
  5. 3 blood, move at a walking pace over surfaces, ignoring gravity

Spend 1 blood point for a scene. For each level of Potence you have, you get +1 die to all Strength rolls. Your unarmed attacks also deal lethal instead of bashing.

  1. Presence + Socialize, 1 target per success with 5 = a whole crowd
  2. Presence + Intimidation – Composure, flee for 1 round per success
  3. Manipulation + Empathy – Resolve, 1 = scene and 5 = permanent (or very long term)
  4. Intelligence + Intimidation to summon, 1 = with deliberate but entirely safe speed and 5 = now
  5. Spend a willpower to activate; Resolve + Composure to disrespect you, 1 success per disrespectful act or statement. Against attacks from those affected by your Majesty let you add your Presence to your Defense score. To break the effect entirely, they must roll Resolve + Composure and get 5 successes (or more if you have advanced Presence) or spend willpower equal to your Presence score at a rate of 1 per round

  1. Negate any penalty for darkness when in use
  2. Spend 1 blood point; unarmed attacks are +1 and deal aggravated damage for a scene
  3. Spend 1 blood and meld into the ground for a day’s sleep
  4. Spend 3 blood; double speed, Brawl (bite) deals +2 aggravated damage, +1 to all physical rolls, cover stink of the Wyrm
  5. Spend 3 blood; move at a running speed and through any barrier that is not airtight; bashing damage from strong winds

  1. Spend 1 blood point for silence a few paces in every direction for a scene. +2 to Stealth.
  2. Spend 1 blood point and convert it to poison which reduces Stamina by 1 in addition to any other damage if a weapon is coated with it.
  3. For up to an hour after you have touched someone skin to skin, you can spend a blood point to choke them on their own blood. Each attack costs 1 blood and is Resolve + Composure – Stamina. It deals lethal damage.
  4. Spend a blood point and convert it into poison that makes any treated weapon deal aggravated damage for one scene.
  5. Spend 1 blood and spit it at your foes, dealing Dexterity + Athletics – Defense in aggravated damage.

  1. Make eye contact and roll Manipulation + Intimidation – target’s Composure. Target is paralyzed for 1 round per success, and otherwise can’t break eye contact until you do unless they spend a willpower. Any attack will break the mesmerism.
  2. Spend a blood point to extend your tongue, which you can use for +1 aggravated damage with Dexterity + Brawl – Defense. If you deal 1 agg, next round you can roll Strength to drink blood through the tongue.
  3. Spend a blood point to add 3 to your Health for a scene. Your skin becomes snake-like and you are at -2 dice for all social rolls apart from Intimidation.
  4. Spend 1 blood point; bite with Dex + Brawl +1 agg, slither through any hole your head can fit through. Your venom is lethal to any mortal creature, or can simply paralyze them as long as you deal 1 agg. Spend 1 additional blood point to add level 3’s Health levels.

Path of Blood
Spend 1 blood point to activate for a scene
  1. Intelligence + Occult, 1 question per success
  2. Dexterity + Occult, 1 blood point per success
  3. Intelligence + Medicine, 1 temporary Blood Potency per success for a scene
  4. Presence + Occult, 1 blood point per success
  5. Dexterity + Medicine – Defense as aggravated damage and lost vitae for a scene. 1 success kills a mortal

Movement of the Mind
Spend 1 blood point to activate for a scene
  1. Resolve + Composure, small objects
  2. Resolve + Composure, self flight at jogging pace, large objects
  3. Resolve + Composure – target’s Resolve, lift others; self flight at sprinting pace
  4. Resolve + Composure – highest Resolve in a group, lift/shove one opponent per success; self flight at about wp x 3 mph
  5. Resolve + Composure – highest Resolve in a group, wave of force tosses one opponent back per success and also deals bashing equal to Tremere’s Resolve

Lure of the Flames
Spend 1 blood to activate for a scene. Roll Resolve + Composure – target’s Defense to deal up to 1 damage per level of Lure of the Flames (so at level 5 you could deal 5 damage if you rolled that many successes).


  1. Spend 1 blood point and change your own appearance with Intelligence + Expression
  2. Spend 1 blood point and alter another’s appearance with Intelligence + Expression; damage or disfigure them with Dexterity + Medicine
  3. Spend 1 blood point and alter bones and cartilege with Intelligence + Medicine; each success lets you move one physical dot around between physical attributes and armor. Can help an ally heal aggravated damage for 3 blood per level rather than 5. Deal lethal damage with Strength + Medicine – Defense; aggravated to mortals.
  4. Spend 3 blood, +3 to physical rolls, lethal unarmed damage, armor 1
  5. Spend 1 blood, move at running speed including up walls or pipes at climbing speed.

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