Pathfinder Beastfolk 3: Bear, Otter and Snake (Oh My!)


ursa 2Ursidians are a race of hulking omnivores originally bred to be elite pit fighters in Sascria.


Ursidians can be slow unless they are roused. They are not necessarily stupid, but they are deliberate thinkers and poor negotiators. Bearkin prefer to be solitary, and are not comfortable in large groups, towns and cities.

Physical Description

Bear-kin are among the largest Beastfolk ever created. They retain the small, dark eyes of the bear ancestors wedded to tall, powerful, large-boned humanoid frames. Their hands and feet retain claws, but are adapted for more dexterity and for walking upright.


Originally, Ursidians and Buzzkin hated each other, but since they have become staunch allies. The Buzzkin’s skill in alchemy and their ability to fly is allied with the Ursidians large size and prowess in battle.

Alignment and Religion

Ursidians tend to be solitary, living at most in small familiar groups while they raise children. They are often willing to leave well enough alone, though they are loyal to allies. Bearkin tend toward neutrality.


Ursidians who become adventurers most commonly focus on melee combat, playing to their obvious strengths. Since the Collapse, some Ursidians have demonstrated a capacity for divine magic, and become Clerics of their clan totems or of a great bear-god who lives beneath the earth.


Lots of long, rounded vowel sounds; attempts to transliterate from the Ursidians’ own language. Brom, Aurorum, Goroom.

Ursidian Racial Traits

+2 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom. Ursidians are large and powerfully built and are close to their animal ancestors, which gives them both a natural insight and wisdom as well as a lack of manual dexterity.

Bear Claws: Ursidians have two claw attacks, each of which deal 1d4 damage and are made at a -5 penalty. Ursidian claw attacks can be made as part of a full attack action as long as the Ursidian has an empty hand. Ursidian claws also give them a +2 to Climb checks.

Bestial Nature: Ursidians are able to communicate with bears of all types at will.

Hibernation: In cold weather, Ursidians become sluggish and sleepy, and must sleep at least 10 hours per night, and are most comfortable with at least 12 hours.

Hulking Frame: Ursidians receive a +1 to both CMD and CMB due to their large size and powerful build – they are hard to disarm, grapple with, or knock down. Ursians also deal +1 damage with two-handed melee weapons.

Solitary: Ursidians are not particularly social, and take a -2 penalty to social rolls made in large groups, especially in the case of public speaking. One-on-one or among a few allies, this penalty does not apply.


Ursidians speak Common and Sylvan.


selkieThe Selkies of the Whale Islands have long since left their history as magical experiments behind. Selkies live in autonomous, small communities, always near large rivers, large bodies of water, or the sea. In appearance, Selkies are somewhat similar to Galidines, but where Galidines tend toward high-strung watchfulness, Selkies are simply goofballs. The people of the Whale Islands, the Ardyn, live in peace with the Selkies but do not intermingle with them, except in the area of shared interest – the sea. Selkies are superb swimmers, but they also make natural sailors.

Wanting more time to enjoy themselves, Selkies have become masters of aquaculture, raising fish, crabs, frogs and crayfish in netted shallows and weirs along rivers. Unlike the Galidines they sometimes resemble, Selkies were not originally bread primarily for fighting, and so while they do have some sharp teeth, they cannot make bite attacks in combat.


As mentioned above, Selkies tend to be fun-loving and playful, and have trouble treating anything but a life-and-death situation very seriously. Many of their cultural advancements have been aimed at creating more free time for themselves, and any technology or practice that creates more work is readily abandoned by Selkie communities. Selkies can be laid back, but will make sure that they goof off at least once a day. This goofing off may or may not create some trouble – Selkies who get into trouble are often a bit surprised by it, as if they assume that everyone is as easygoing as they are.

Physical Description

Selkies look a bit like Galidines with long, flexible, sleek bodies – but of course Selkies will maintain that they are far better looking. Selkies have wide hands and webbed feet to help with swimming, and long, powerful arms that they use to propel themselves through the water (which, in a pinch, can also swing a weapon pretty hard).


Selkies get along well with most Ardyn, the humans who live with them on the Whale Islands, and when they travel to other places, they can often fit in relatively well anywhere. Selkies just don’t appear very threatening to most people, whether they are trying to appear threatening or not.

Alignment and Religion

You have to travel a long tie to find a Selkie with a Lawful bone in her body – Selkies are creatures of Chaos, and often tend toward the Good, preferring to live in peace and plenty but willing to help those in need when they are able. Neutral Selkies tend to prank and joke for the sake of pranking and joking, and often at inappropriate times. Evil Selkies certain exist, and they see all of life as one big joke – and they are determined to have the last laugh, no matter who else it hurts.


Selkies love music, and make excellent Bards. They also tend to eschew many of the trappings of Human civilization, making them prefer the life of the Barbarian or the Ranger. Occasional Selkies feel the call to become an Oracle, and they almost always worship their own version of the Trickster deity. Many Selkie communities will also have a Witch who provides useful spells and periodic healing.


Selkies have their own language, adapted for use underwater, that almost no non-Selkies know. Their real names are in this language, and they only use it with each other. With outsiders, Selkies tend to choose odd, descriptive names like Shell-cracker, Swift, Bubble, Sharp-tooth and Fisher.

Selkie Racial Traits


+2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma

Bestial Nature: Selkies are able to communicate with otters at will.

Just Joking: Selkies enjoy jokes, pranks, puns and the like, and it is often very hard to tell whether they are kidding or not. Still, it makes them likeable, at last in small doses. Selkies receive a +2 racial bonus to both Bluff and Diplomacy

Low-light vision: Selkies can see twice as far as Humans in low light, above and below the water

Natural Swimmers: Selkies have a swim speed of 20 and are extremely maneuverable underwater. They can hold their breath and remain highly active for 5 times longer than a Human.

Taunting: Selkies can turn their playful cleverness into some serious trash-talking. At level 1, every Selkie is able to make a Feint against a single opponent as a move action instead of a full action


Selkies begin play speaking Common as well as their own language, Selkie, which they only use with each other.




ophidianThe Ophidans are a sly race of Beastfolk uniquely designed to be assassins. They were created by the School of Metamorphosis as a hybrid of snakes and humans. Though the original Ophidans were made by using specific snakes, they were modified over time to have the maximum of reflexes, senses, and venom, making them much more deadly than they previously were. As these modifications were made, the Ophidans were also changed to minimize the outward appearance of their serpentine relation, causing them to become unstable and short-lived. The average Ophidan may live twenty to thirty years before they completely unravel and die. Ophidans tend to have solitary natures, but can very easily put on different faces. It’s thought that compulsive lying is a trait among many Ophidans.


Ophidians are cold and calculating, and sometimes have trouble understanding the mammals around them. Decisions for Ophidians are always clear-cut, black-and-white affairs, and if they take the concerns of allies or family into account, it is because they learned how.

Physical Description

The wizards who created the Ophidans created them to be as human as physically possible, so very few serpentine traits remain still. Their eyes are one of their main defining features- all Ophidans have slit pupils, though the distribution of the amounts of which snakes they mix with the most determines the direction in which the pupil is slit and the color. The same factor will determine their hair color, though most Ophidans have extremely fine hair. Most Ophidans will wear their hair relatively long, though they will cut it short from mourning. They also have fangs and slightly forked tongues, causing many Ophidans to have a subtle accent. Though almost all Ophidans are fair-skinned, some will have small patches of scales on their wrists or necks. Females of their race will usually be a height of 5’4” to 5’9”, and males will usually be of a height between 5’7” and 6’.

During the magocratic society, most Ophidans were assassins, thieves, or otherwise used in stealth operations. They used a clan affiliation amongst themselves, defining themselves by their families. Despite their reputation for being incurable liars, which is, to some extent, true, they are extremely loyal to their families, or, in more recent times, employers. Since the collapse of magocratic society, some of the Ophidans have maintained their affiliations, while some have broken free and become loners, though many Ophidans prefer to stay out of sight and with their clans.


Even in societies that accept or relatively accept the Beastfolk, most Ophidans are treated with mild suspicion and disdain because of their former employment in the magocratic society. The opinion of them is slowly changing in more war-torn lands, where they prove themselves to be capable and surprisingly loyal warriors, but most Ophidans keep minimal contact with society as a whole because of relatively poor opinions of them.

Alignment and Religion

Ophidians, designed to be killers and naturally callous, tend significantly toward Evil.


Ophidians most often become Rogues. Some leverage their natural hunting instincts to become effective Rangers.


Lots of fricatives and especially sibilants.

Ophidian Racial Traits


+2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Wis

Bestial Nature: Ophidians can speak with serpents and vipers at will as a magical ability.

Darkvision 60′: Ophidians can see 60′ out even in total, nonmagical darkness, with a modified form of infravision

Hatred: Ophidians and Galidines have an acute hatred for each other, and will almost never agree to work together

Poison-mastery: When working with mundane and magical poisons, Ophidians do not risk poisoning themselves. They also receive a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves against mundane and magical poison

Venomous Fangs: Ophidians have a bite attack at -5 (their bite counts as a light weapon for Weapon Finesse). It only deals 1 damage, but if their bite deals damage, the Ophidian can choose to inject her opponent with venom. Ophidian venom is similar to any viper venom. The Fortitude save DC is equal to 10 +1/2 the Ophidian’s character level + her Con bonus, and the venom deals initial and secondary damage of 1d4 Constitution. Ophidians can only use their venom at most once per day, and their venom cannot be saved and applied to weapons. (The save DC is much higher than that for viper venom in the SRD intentionally – the Con damage is reduced to 1d4 because attribute damage is more powerful in PF)

Tremorsense 20′: Ophidians can sense vibrations due to movement within a range of 20′ even in magical darkness, but do not have a wide range of hearing otherwise, suffering a -2 penalty to Perception checks when listening

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