Dungeons & Dragons & The Enneagram

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Facebook friend and Christian anarchist Mark Van Steenwyk posted that he would love it if someone took the time to map D&D classes to Enneagram types, including all of the wings. I happen to be an Enneagram nerd and a D&D nerd as well as a little bit obsessive – the end result was that I did precisely that. Nine base Enneagram types with archetypes as wings. The Ranger was left out, because someone had to be out of 10 classes, and, you know…5E Rangers.

Enneagram Type D&D 5E Class Notes
1w9 Way of the Four Elements Monk with the focus on balancing extremes
1 Monk Rightness, self-discipline
1w2 Way of the Open Hand Some self-healing
2w1 Life Domain Warm, embodied
2 Cleric The caregiver, in most groups
2w3 Trickery Domain Giver, but status-seeking
3w2 Arcane Trickster Charming, ambitious
3 Rogue Achievement-oriented, highly skilled
3w4 Thief Individualistic achiever
4w3 College of War Imperfect 1:1, but some originality
4 Bard The artist!
4w5 College of Lore Cerebral creative
5w4 School of Enchantment Creative and provocative
5 Wizard All the books! All the lore! Thinking solves all!
5w6 School of Abjuration Protect friends
6w5 Oath of Devotion The guardian, idealist
6 (counter-phobic) Paladin Charge with me! Auras for allies, smite foes
6w7 Oath of the Ancients Guardian of joy, ‘fun’ paladin
7w6 Draconic Bloodline Another imperfect 1:1
7 Sorcerer Flexibility in all spells, zany bloodlines
7w8 Wild Magic Excitement! Impatience!
8w7 Path of the Berserker Power-seeking, smash the system!
8 Barbarian “Not afraid to be direct”
8w9 Path of the Totem Warrior Some delegation here; imperfect 1:1
9w8 Circle of the Moon Fighty druids
9 Druid Because balance
9w1 Circle of the Land Independent, philosophical, stubborn

Final Note on Rangers

Clearly, rangers are left out of this table, as some class had to be. But in discussion, I thought that rangers would make sense as the more phobic version of the 6, since the classic ranger response to conflict is to back up and shoot from range, so to speak, compared to the paladin’s charge.

What do you think? What would you change? 

10 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons & The Enneagram

  1. Would you be kind enough to make a similar post, about enneagram types as well, but comparing them to a more modern RPG class (i.e. WoW, FFXIV, GW2, BDO, etc.)? ^_^

    I don’t think I have come across to a post like that. The information is out there, lots, but scattered here and there.

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  2. I just went through the process of figuring out which D&D race/claw my wife and children are. You nailed every single one of us! 9w1 me – Halfling Druid, 2w3 wife – Dwarf Cleric, 1w2 daughter – Half Elf Monk, 5w6 son – wizard, 8w9 son – barbarian. Amazing!!

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