My Princess

Derrick says it better than I can, so I’ll just let him say it here too:


This year seems to be unprecedented for celebrity deaths. It started, as I recall with David Bowie right around my birthday and continued on with the likes of Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, and of course, Prince. All of these deaths have touched me on some level as I have been moved by the art of these people in some form or fashion. The arts touch our lives at a deep primal level and we rightfully esteem those who can move us to laugh, cry sing, dance, and contemplate. I have had a level of appreciation for many artists that has brought me to a place of mourning on more than one occasion.

Today is different. Today Carrie Fisher passed away. She had a massive heart attack on a plane coming from the UK to Los Angeles a couple of days ago. Yesterday it was said that…

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3 thoughts on “My Princess

  1. I like the idea. I found a hack online that might mesh with this. The author called HP ‘fighting spirit’, which includes the element of morale. Once you get to 0 fighting spirit you’re into seriously wounded territory. At levels 1-3 you get 1 die of what I call life points (he called them hit points, but they’re a new mechanic and I thought I’d leave Hit Points so named for clarity, and add Life Points as the hack). The idea is at 0 HP (fighting spirit/morale) you start to role with disadvantage – you’re dying. This gives the player a psychological cue that things are desperate and they might want to run away. At 0 life points you’re down to saving throws. In his system monsters don’t have Life Points, but you could add it for the sake of this morale mechanic.

    I’ll have to give it some thought as I’m trying to not go down the ‘kill the monster steal the booty’ route all the time.

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  2. Not a bad hack.
    I addressed this problem most often when playing 3.5 Star Wars. If you have a Jedi in the party, and any people (me) who are a bit crazy about some of the old expanded universe, then the Jedi do not kill issue comes up pretty fast.
    And to solve this issue, I did nothing.
    Well almost nothing. Fighting people with a laser sword and not killing them, is hard..and it should be. We reviewed the non-lethal damage rules and how that worked. They buffed up some social skills and headed out into the world. Then they tried their best.
    I made it so not every single encounter HAD to be resolved by death (the true common issue). And I also occasionally handed out real world consequences for beating the pulp out of someone in broad daylight in the middle of the street.
    They did great, it was a challenge and they lived up to it.


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