#95Tweets Against Hell

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For my purposes, Hell = a place, or condition, of eternal conscious torment. 

A few years ago, we posted #95Tweets Against Hell through Two Friars and a Fool. Since then, TFF has gone into what looks like semi-retirement as Aric, Nick and I have moved on to other projects and other phases of our lives, but I am still proud of the work that went into the 95 Tweets, and I think maybe it is time to post them again. We got some response last time, but what I really want to do is to provide resources for people who are presented with a theology of Hell, who understand intuitively or in an incomplete sense that it doesn’t make sense, is possibly even evil, and is certainly counterproductive, but they haven’t done the nerdy homework on the issue.

Well, we have. Big, big nerds. So, today, I’m going to start reposting our 95 tweets, with the  hashtag #95Tweets, through my Twitter account @AndAFool. You can follow the account or the hashtag, and then when I’m done posting all 95 of them, I’ll repost all of them to this blog for reference.

As before, I welcome discussion, even argument. I think that the theology of a Hell of eternal conscious torment is morally bankrupt, theologically unjustifiable, and is not taught by the Bible even if one takes a relatively literalist view. In fact, the longest section of tweets against Hell comes from the Bible, and we had to cram references together to limit it to only 95 total tweets. It could have easily been 200 tweets, but we like the 95 for obvious reasons.

The tweets will once again come in three sections, just like last time – ethical and philosophical arguments against Hell, theological arguments against Hell, and finally Biblical arguments against Hell. They’ll be marked out for reference, since 95 is a LOT of tweets on the same topic, with #E for ethical/philosophical arguments, #T for theological, and #B for biblical.

So, enjoy. I know I will.

Here’s a link to follow the hashtag on Twitter.

Here is all of my nonsense on Twitter as @AndAFool.

Here’s a picture of Mary punching the Devil in the face.

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