Fate Core Vampire 2: Character Creation

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Aspects, Skills and Stress

Fate Core Vampire uses the standard five Aspects for Fate Core. The high concept for a Fate Core Vampire character must include their Clan or Bloodline, and at every step this hack of Fate assumes the backstory and color of Vampire the Masquerade. Next is the trouble Aspect, which could be one of the Flaws from Masquerade, or is otherwise related to the character’s Clan. In character creation for this playtest game, I asked the Brujah’s player, for example, what makes her angriest. I asked the Gangrel what his character’s primal mark was. And so on.

Third is the mortal Aspect, something connected to the character’s life before they were Embraced. This is another good source for compels, and also for use to represent any competency that the character might have had in her mortal life. The fourth and fifth slots can be left blank, or filled with any other kind of Aspect the player wants.

Neonate characters begin with a maximum Skill of +4 in their Skill pyramid and they also start with 3 physical and 3 mental stress boxes, as their undead bodies and minds can endure more punishment than morals can.

Disciplines and Refresh

Neonate characters begin with 5 refresh and with three levels of Clan Disciplines. This already  means they are more formidable than their Vampire the Masquerade counterparts, as we’ll see, because in this hack there are only four levels of each Discipline, and the fourth level is reserved for elders only. So three levels in this system is intended to be about equivalent to five dots of Disciplines in VtM. Each extra level of any Discipline, in-clan or out of clan, costs 2 refresh – it is basically an expensive Extra.  So at most a Neonate might start play with 5 levels of Disciplines and 1 refresh, and 3 of those Discipline levels will be in Clan Disciplines. The exception to this is is for Caitiff or Pander, who can take their first 3 levels in any Disciplines as long as the ST agrees.

As usual, players can also spend their characters’ refresh on Stunts and Extras, which I’ll cover in the next post of this series.

Elders and Others

Mortal characters have +3 as their maximum Skill, and two Stunts or Extras. If they are a Ghoul, then they also have Basic Potence and an additional physical stress box, for a total of 3.

Elder characters, such as Primogen or Bishops, have a maximum Skill level of +5 in their pyramid, 6 levels of Disciplines and 3 refresh.

Ancient characters, like Princes, Archbishops, and other powerful elders, have a maximum Skill of +6, 9 levels of Disciplines, and 1 refresh.

Next Up: Stunts and Extras in Fate Core Vampire

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