Fate Core Vampire 3: Stunts and Extras

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Between Aspects and Skills on one end and Disciplines, which are a special case in Extras on the other end, there are the Stunts and Extras, both the ones you’d expect in a Fate Core game and others that are specific to Vampire the Masquerade.

Merits and Flaws become Aspects, Stunts and Extras

As mentioned previously, Flaws from Vampire the Masquerade make excellent trouble Aspects. Here is what I think is a particular juicy list: Thin-Blooded, Dulled Bite, Child, Monstrous, Smell of the Grave, Vulnerable to Vampire Banes, Soft-Hearted, Lunacy, Guilt-Wracked, Rival Sires, Hunted Like A Dog, Sleeping With the Enemy, Clan Enmity, Probationary Sect Member, Cursed, Beacon of the Unholy, Mistaken Identity, Recruitment Target, Eerie Presence, Dark Fate. Any of these can be rewritten slightly, or just used as-is if you’re in a pinch. 

I didn’t go ahead and create Stunts for every Skill, since the ones in the Fate Core SRD work perfectly well, and there is plenty of flexibility to make up your own. I did adapt some Merits to become Stunts, however. Note that, in contrast to the Disciplines, most of these have not been playtested, and some might reference rules I haven’t talked about yet. But you’ll get the idea.

General Stunts

Blush of Health: spend a Fate point to appear alive for one scene. You get a heartbeat, basic biological functions, can sweat, respond sexually, etc.

Calm Heart: you gain one extra stress box on your Beast stress track.

Eat Food: unlike other vampires, you are able to eat food without much discomfort, though you do have to vomit it back up later on.

Eidetic Memory: spend a Fate point to perfectly recall the details of a specific scene. With the ST’s consent, you can use this ability to add an Aspect that you had previously noticed and are just now recaling.

Elder’s Ear: you have access to an elder – perhaps a Prince, or Primogen, or Bishop – in your city. This person will meet with you if you ask, and may provide information or protection.

Friend of the Underground: you are not a Nosferatu, but you have their respect, or at least their tolerance. You can use the sewers and similar systems to move around the city, as long as you don’t interfere with their plans.

Harmless: your Charisma rolls to convince someone you mean no harm are at a +2.

Healing Touch: you do not need to lick wounds made by your fangs to heal them, but can do so with only a touch.

Herd: Choose when you select this Stunt. You can now hunt socially using Contacts instead of Empathy and Manipulation once per night – if you do it a second time, you have to spend a Fate point.

Humane: you gain an additional mental stress box, but you cannot choose to ignore a consequence by frenzying.

Inoffensive to Animals: you may or may not have levels of Animalism, but you do not provoke animals the way that other undead do.

Languages: choose up to 3 languages in addition to English and perhaps one other native tongue in which you are fluent. For ancient languages, use Knowledge or Lore.

Light Sleeper: rolls to awaken, or remain awake, while the sun is up are at a +2 for you. (This might be Notice or Will)

Precocious: at the end of a session, you can switch the places of two Skills instead of one.

Unbondable: you cannot be blood bound. This is clearly a big advantage, and could also be quite a problem. Tremere must pay 2 refresh for this Stunt. (Obviously, this would be a problem for a Sabbat member trying to participate in Ritae)

Contacts Stunts

Harpy: you are one of the Harpies of the Camarilla in your city, meaning you get a +2 to roll to contact Kindred and have contact information for many influential vampires in the city.

Influence: in one particular area of influence, you get a +2 to all Contacts rolls. Examples include academics, media, occult and underworld.

Mentor: you have a more experienced member of your Clan, perhaps even an Elder, who has taken it upon herself to teach you the ways of the undead.

Mole: you have a spy planted in an opposing faction who feeds you information.

Retainer: you have the services of a loyal, blood-bound Ghoul. You Ghoul is Good at one thing, Fair at two things, and has one notable weakness that you define, or let the GM define.

Spirit Mentor: same as above, but your mentor happens to be a ghost.

Manipulation Stunt

Alternate Identity: you have a well-established alias, and receive a +2 to Manipulation rolls related to maintaining the alias.

Occult Stunts

Oracular Ability: at risk of your sanity, you can roll Lore once per session to place an Aspect on a scene (or more than once, if you spend Fate points). This Aspect must have to do with fate or foreboding, and may not be used in the way you intend…..An Aspect placed this way provides the usual free first invoke for you.

Scholar of Enemies: you can choose one opposed faction in the WoD, and you gain +2 to Occult rolls pertaining to these enemies. Examples include Garou, Sabbat, Camarilla, Hunters, etc.

Resources Stunt

Haven: over the years, you have sunk a lot into various havens throughout the city. When upgrading or repairing them, you get +2 to your Resources roll.

Streetwise Stunt

Black Market: you can use your Streetwise score in place of Resources when working black market connections.

Will Stunt

Magic Resistance: Will rolls made to resist Thaumaturgy, and similar powers, are at a +2.

Backgrounds become Extras

Armored Vehicle: an enclosed vehicle with armor 4 against firearms and armor 2 against everything else.

Custom Vehicle: something like a drift racer, crotch rocket, haven RV, etc.

Assault Weapon: full-auto AK, M-16, etc. Deals +2 damage, and can be used against everyone in a zone

Ancient Sword: blood-forged, runic, meteoric – deals +2 damage and can be used against spirits

Elite Haven: (cost 2) you have a bunker or a penthouse or a whole fortified corner of the sewer system that is all yours. This haven comes with a basic staff, if appropriate, and two other special features that you determine when you take the Extra or in-game.

Gang/Muscle: your character has access to a group of violent, unruly types who can serve as enforcers. She still has to convince them to do what she wants, and they are not Seal Team 6, but she has about a half dozen tough, armed mortals to back her up when needed. The whole gang has 6 stress boxes and a +2 to Fight.

Ghoul: your character has been granted permission to bind one Ghoul. This NPC has a +3 in one Skill and a +2 in two others, has Basic Potence and is blood bound to your character.

Haven: you have a better haven than your Resources would indicate. When using your Resources to upgrade your haven or decide what features it has, you get a +2 to the roll.

Hunting Grounds: your character has been granted special hunting grounds in the city. Their maintenance is her responsibility, but they make hunting significantly easier. And as far as Camarilla rules go, on her turf she’s in charge. Each night when you first hunt in your own hunting grounds, you can reroll one dice roll.

Nightspot: your character owns and controls a nightspot, like a strip club, bar or nightclub

Shared Haven: (need to come up with rules for multiple PCs spending an Extra on a shared Haven)

Title: You can use Title in place of your Contacts or Charisma when dealing with other vampires. Your Title also brings other benefits and responsibilities as determined by the GM.

  • (cost 1) Harpy, Whip, Deputy, Pack Leader, Pack Priest, Black Hand
  • (cost 2) Primogen, Bishop, Sheriff, Alastor, Baron, Scourge
  • (cost 3) Archbishop, Prince
  • (cost 4) Regent, Justicar

Alternately, every Title costs 1 refresh, because higher ranks will also mean more powerful foes and more difficult challenges. 

Next Up: Disciplines. 

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