We Must Ignore Donald Trump

unamerican gothic

Donald Trump Is Pure Garbage

If his words and actions, during his 40 years of public life, have not been enough to convince you of this, you are hopeless. One thing we’ve learned these past three years is that tens of millions of Americans will collectively climb into a burning dumpster and tell each other how great it is, and almost none of them will climb out. Those of us outside the burning dumpster are dumbfounded, awed, and demoralized by the sight, but this post is not about why people are climbing in there or why they won’t climb out. This post is about how we can finally look away from the burning dumpster, because the people in there clearly chose to be there, and it’s not going to stop burning or being a dumpster.


Donald Trump Will Never Change

Donald is what happens when a rich white man in America spends an entire lifetime never experiencing a single consequence for his actions. Whether he’s a schoolkid punching his teacher in the face, or attending a child-rape party, or stealing tens of millions of dollars from people, he has never experienced even a gentle slap on the hand in 72 years and counting.

He has never changed, and he will never change. I mean, why would he? He’s rich and the President. He keeps winning, so why would he behave any differently? It will never matter what’s in the news about him, or what embarrassing fact comes out, or how bad he gets burned on Twitter, or what hot take is published about him. None of that has ever mattered to him, and it never will. Giving him more attention will never stop him – it only feeds him. It’s giving him what he wants.


Nothing Donald Trump Does Or Says Will Ever Surprise Us

Every single day since November 9th 2016, burning feces has been raining from the sky. For a while, this was worth talking about. I mean, holy shit, burning feces? From the sky? Every day!? Yes, every single day.

But there comes a time when we just accept that the weather forecast is now burning feces every day and get on with our lives. It won’t stop. It will continuously rain burning feces for two, maybe six more years. Mueller won’t stop the rain of burning feces, and everyone with the power to slow the rain or give us umbrellas is a coward or a traitor or both. So this is where we are now. This is life.

We have to move forward, and there’s just no reason to discuss the rain of burning feces any longer. It is what it is. It burns, and it is feces.

We must ignore Trump. Nothing meaningful will ever come from giving him a single moment’s attention.


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