The Economy: Greed, Idolatry, and Human Sacrifice

This is a thought experiment, inspired by the open discussion of human sacrifice for the sake of the Stock Market that has been going on in United States society recently. I’ve always held that our society is best understood in the context of human sacrifice (including child sacrifice – see Sandy Hook) rather than anything more ‘modern.’ It’s been chilling, and in a way vindicating, to have this just come out in the open during the pandemic. Republican leaders look directly into the camera and say, in essence, “We must commit human sacrifice so that the Economy will bless us.”

It is the most Aztec I have ever felt.

Right now we literally live in Gehenna – as in, Ge Hinnom, the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom outside of Jerusalem where tradition says people practiced child sacrifice to Molech. It’s where our early images of Hell come from.


I sketched out a rough table that might show what I’m talking about. Let’s see…

Time period Sacrificial Victims High Priests Holy Warriors Blessings Divine Form
1500s-1800s Native American nations …Priests, unfortunately Conquistadores, US Cavalry Gold, land Manifest Destiy
1600s-1800s Africans Slave-owners, congressmen Slave-catchers, KKK, lynch gangs Labor, Southern wealth Peculiar Institution
1800s-Present Workers Industrialists Union-busters, cops Profits increase while wages do not Prosperity
1900s-Present Farm-workers ICE, border militias Cheap, plentiful food Donald Trump
Present Elders, vulnerable people GOP, Evangelicals Spring Breakers, Evangelicals A return to β€˜normal’ The economy
1800s-Present Everyone Climate change deniers, fossil fuel industry Conservative politicians, YouTubers Our inhumane civilization Our inhumane civilization


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