Here are some of the things I’ve created, written, edited, designed, and otherwise been involved in.

I just finished another D&D book – all about cool house rules and optional mechanics for 5th Edition.

I have a Patreon – it’s shiny and new! Check it out!

Wizards, Warriors and Wellness – I contributed some text and ideas, and edited this first publication from the Bodhana Group.

Iron Pax – I wrote a set of OSR style rules and a guide for creating a dystopian colonialist setting, reminiscent of Midnight.

Charts of Darkness: Vampire – I wrote a thing for the Storyteller’s Vault. It’s a practice run to learn how the Vault works, and I’ll upload one with better layout soon.

The Bodhana Group – Board Member

Phoenixville Area Refugee Initiative – Organizer

Clockwork: Dominion – Editor and Contributing Designer, Reliquary Game Studios

Never Pray Again – Co-Author, Chalice Press

Parsec – Designer, Writer and Editor; Jolly Roger Games. (Follow the link to buy a PDF!)

UNCO – Trouble-Maker

Banned Questions About Christians – Contributor

PLGRM – Editor and Contributor

bySwarm – Contributing Designer, Writer and Editor

Obsidian Portal – Running and Playing RPGs

Shared Governance – the first student publication of San Francisco Theological Seminary

San Francisco Protestant Examiner for examiner.com

The Goliard – The College of Wooster’s student-run literary magazine

The Erudite Review – published as a high school student with my best friend Jordan because we were frustrated with our English teacher

I am also a freelance editor, working with Carol Howard-Merritt, Beth Scibienski, and The Bodhana Group, among others.

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