Killer Snowflake

I haven’t done a lot with my writing lately that wasn’t connected to game design, and I’m starting to feel the weight of neglect. I’ve come across a few bloggers who are publishing their use of the snowflake method of story design, and I figure, I can do this at my own slow pace as well and see where it goes. I have a number of stories in mind, all set in the world of Epic Dawn, and given that the game associated with that setting has stalled out, I thought I’d turn to some of the stories that have been swimming around in my head for years now.

The story I have in mind is the back-story for one of the pivotal characters in the setting. In brief, he’s an imperial killer sent across the uncharted ocean to a new world who has a change of heart. The world where he arrives is the core world of the setting, but I have some vivid ideas of how he got to be…the way he is that have the advantage of being good short story fodder, rather than big novel-length stories.

So I’ll start with the snowflake method for the story that begins when he is an orphan purchased by the Emperor and ending when his first love is murdered and its his fault. A nice happy story arc.

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